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Lisa Ann Hard Sex Pic

Lisa Ann, (born May 9, 1972), is an American sports radio personality and former pornographic actress.[5] She has also worked as a director, feature dancer, and talent agent.[6] She has received mainstream notice for parodying former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in six adult films.[7] She is a member of the AVNXRCO, and Urban X Halls of Fame.


Ann was born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania. She entered the adult film industry in 1994. Her first scene was in Cinesex 2.[citation needed] During the first two years of her adult film career, she was under contract with Metro/Cal Vista and shot only once a month. She quit porn in 1997 due to an AIDS scare in the industry and spent the following seven years stripping. She also owned a day spa for four years during her hiatus from porn. She decided to resume performing in February 2006 after being asked to do a boy/girl photo shoot for Suze Randall. The first scene she shot after returning to the industry was with Christian XXX in Bra Bustin' and Deep Thrustin'. In addition to her work as a performer, she also has credits as a directorproducer, and for makeup.
She was selected to co-host the XRCO Awards in April 2010. In December 2014, she announced her retirement from performing in adult films in a Facebook post. She had a breast reduction surgery shortly after retiring as part of her return to a normal life. She continues to perform in webcam shows occasionally.
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